Download Instructions to Creating Your Own Tracker

DIY Tracking the Easy Way

When we measure we tend to maximize for one variable. It may be a desired weight, blood glucose level, steps we take in a day or distance we can run. This gives us an organizing principle for our activity and measurements. For subjective measures, we can create a simple self-reporting tool to carry with us on our smartphones. We are including downloadable instructions on how to create such a tool. The entry screen will be a clean interface that looks like this:

DIY Tracking

DIY Tracking Gives Access to Data

The date entered on your smartphone will immediately be captured in a Google Spreadsheet. With your data easily available you can do your own analysis. The tools are simple to understand and manipulate. You can start generating graphs of what is happening as little as four days:

DIY Tracking

DIY Tracking – The Price is Right

With this tool you can easily participate in many of our studies. Download the pdf and follow the easy step-by-step instructions. We will have you tracking in very short order.

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